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Welcome to meem...

We live in a diverse society, each of us with unique abilities; each of us from unique cultures and perspectives.

To understand and appreciate the diverse nature of each and every one can be a challenge.

Where do you find the solutions required to engage with the diverse strands of our society?

meem: diverse society...diverse solution.

Equality and diversity are at the heart of our work and the way that we do it. We have drive and passion for a vibrant Scotland.

We work with both the public and private sector offering advisory support, consultancy and training tailored to your organisation's needs.

Together we will work towards your aims and vision.

If you have any particular questions about diversity within your organisation, why not contact us or simply browse the site for information on other services provided by meem.


Islam and Muslims

Promoting and exploring a better understanding of Scotland's largest religious and most ethnically diverse community.

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Race, Religions & Culture

Promoting and exploring a better understanding of the different religions, cultures and people around Scotland.

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John F Kennedy (1917-1963)